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The sport has an English origin and is played on a court, which may have a synthetic, gravel, cement or grass surface. The type of court has a great influence on the performance of the athletes. The match is played between two opponents or two doubles, which may or may not be mixed.

In the middle of the court, there is a net and the objective of the game is always to hit the ball into the opponent’s court, using a racket. When the athlete fails to hit the ball, the opponent scores a point. Or, if during the throw-in, the ball falls out of bounds in the other half of the court. 

The scoring system divides the game into sets, therefore, it is different from football and other genres. Generally, whoever reaches 3 sets wins, in men’s tournaments. Well, that’s basic. If you have watched a match before, you must already know such details. 


This is a court made of clay covered with brick dust, which slows down the game. The balls bounce high and slow so that it is difficult to defend them. It is common for the ball to leave a mark on the ground. Tennis players who play on the back nine have an advantage. Clay is used in tournaments such as Roland Garros and several tennis players have won prizes on this type of soil, such as Gustavo Kuerten and Rafael Nadal.

Hard Floor

Tennis betting

Also called hardcourt or fast floor, composed of cement, asphalt mud, carpet or synthetic rubber. As it has an even surface, it allows a faster game, with short and powerful shots.

The US Open and ATP tournaments are played on hardcourt. The tennis players who have stood out on cement are Pete Sampras and Roger Federer.


The grass floor is the fastest, but it has irregularity in the ball bounce because it depends on the grass conditions. The Wimbledon championship is played on grass courts.

Types of bets


The market is quite vast in tennis, so you can bet on many different ways, not only on the winner of the match. Let us explain how each of the options works.

Tennis live betting

You can bet before the match or even as the match unfolds. The advantage of live betting over the pre-match market is that you make a guess according to the performance of the athletes and conditions that may affect the match. 

Bets can be placed on your computer or mobile, anywhere! All you need is an internet connection and a balance at the bookmaker. 

Bet on the winner of the match

This is a straight bet, where the user decides who will win a given match, regardless of whether there is a tie-break or not. What counts is the final result.


Among the markets, you can use the handicap resource, which is an advantage or disadvantage established in the system. It is used to change the betting conditions in case one of the teams is the big favourite.

Total Matches

This is equivalent to a plus or minus bet. The tennis betting site sets a number of matches to be played. Bettors must choose whether the number of matches will be more or less than the set amount.

Final Winner

Here is the chance to select the grand champion of a tournament. This is a future bet and not always easy to predict as over the course of a season, many things can happen and underdogs can be highlighted.

Tennis betting tips 

The more information you have about the championships, types of courts and athletes, the better the chances of winning. This is the fundamental rule for any sport.

Players can be left or right handed and this is an aspect that determines the style of play.

There are athletes who play more deep, others are defensive. At the same time, certain players are very versatile and others prefer to play closer to the net.

Analyse statistics to predict the outcome of a match. There is a lot of material on the internet.

When it is very clear the favourite of a future bet, use the handicap to get better odds.

Make use of your bonus balance to get to know the betting platforms better and learn more about how they work. This way, you will be able to make better use of your cash balance.

Pay attention to promotions of balance top-up and cashback. They are quite recurrent in specialized sites. Here at Sports Betting 24, we always list the best tennis offers.

Some sites give precious tips about tennis, with very good articles and explanations about the details of tennis. Two good examples are Betway and Pinnacle Sports.

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