Superstitions of Casino Players

Strange Superstitions of Casino Players

Gambling has this stereotype that luck is the most important aspect. Players believe in omens and are willing to follow particular rituals in order to catch that very luck. They’re the outcome of long-ago historical events as well as personal experience. Quirks range from picking a lucky day to doing little activities to bring luck and donning amulets. They can boost a person’s self-esteem. Even the most adamant doubters cannot escape the effect of casino games, and over time they develop their own signs and superstions.

Signs of Gamblers

  • Happy clothing, which are most typically red, are the most common technique to make friends with lady luck. This is particularly true in the case of undergarments. The players have a certain costume for coming to the casino, which must be sprinkled with salt if it fails. 
  • Animals are the subject of gamblers’ superstitions. If on the route to a gaming establishment, a black cat was met; sadly, the visit is likely to be canceled. Guests who bring their cats or dogs are also not allowed, since they might act as messengers of a feud and drive away good fortune. 
  • Instead of elaborate calculations, some players, inspired by Jay Grokhovsky’s example, just execute dances, which attract success.
  • Dedicated players prefer to begin the round with a fresh deck since they know the cards will not be marked. 
  • It is preferable to play at a table where there is a player who is in a good mood and has a mountain of chips. It’s also vital where you sit at the table: opposite the entryway is pleasant, but with your back to the fireplace is not. 
  • It’s also typical to ask a stranger or a gorgeous woman to blow on the bones. It’s also a good idea to bring a female companion. She will become a good luck charm for her boyfriend and will support him during the game. The most important thing is not to touch the player; if you do, fate will turn away from you.

Numbers and Luck

Superstitions of Casino Players
The front-side of playing cards

If you ask anyone, they will quickly list their favorite numbers that make them happy. They are even more essential to gamblers: someone views a child’s birth date, a lover’s birth date, or other key life events to be precious, just as someone considers their car or phone number to be special. On the eve of the game, any incident that they hear in a discussion or see certain numbers on which a bet will be placed might be deemed a landmark for them. 

There’s also the idea of a fortunate bet, which involves putting a particular amount of money on the line in any game in the hopes of winning. Various civilizations regard different numbers to be lucky. So, the Chinese prefer the number eight, but the number four is a negative omen for them, just like the number 13 is for Europeans. Perhaps this is why the thirteenth day of the month, or Friday, is considered unsuitable for card games. The bill’s unlucky denomination is thought to be $ 50. They are not traded or distributed at gaming businesses.

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