Casino Bonuses

An Easy Start With Bonus Wagering Rules

Playing at the Mason Slots casino, you get lots of bonuses. The amount is credited to a bonus account, which exists separately from the main one. The opportunity to withdraw the bonus money will appear when you wager this amount several times.

For example, if the wager is x40 and the bonus is $100, the user needs to win back 40 times that amount – $4,000 – with $100.

To wager a bonus is to place a number of bets for a certain amount. It does not matter whether you win or lose. Using bonuses is profitable if you know how to wager them.

Deposit Bonus

Wager Casino Bonuses

Casino Deposit Bonus is a nice offer of 2, 3 or 5 total deposits. This promotion is available in every casino. Depositing $100 to your account, you get $200 or other amount, depending on the offer. The deposit bonus also counts towards the bonus account.

Bonus and real money are combined into one amount, and the player must wager it according to the rules. If you get a total of $200, where $100 is the bonus, with a wager of x10, you have to wager $2,000. This is why many customers don’t like such offers.

No Deposit Bonus

The registration bonus is credited without deposits. On the account, there will be the amount with which you can start playing. The wager and extra conditions in non-deposit bonuses are greater.

Conditions in the games:

  • Certain casinos put up unique rules – the contribution. The term refers to the part of the bet, which will go into credit for wagering. If you need to wager $100 and you put $10 in a slot where the contribution is 50%, then $5 is added to the credit. You will have to wager twice as much. Bonuses with wagering slot machines are found in most casinos.
  • Some bonuses can only be wagered on certain slots. If there is no list of allowed games, see the list of prohibited ones. By playing a banned slot, you will lose the bonus. 

Time Restrictions

To force players to place bets, casinos create time limits. At certain intervals, you need to wager in order for the bonus to remain in the account and become available for withdrawal. It can be a week, a month, or a couple of months.

Other Conditions

After receiving the deposit bonus, you will have two amounts – yours and the bonus amount. Only one of these amounts is spent first. Certain casinos use bonuses first, while others use real money. Only a few allow players to choose or use 50% of each balance.

Players can try to reach a profitable bonus round in the game, get out of it and continue wagering the bonus in other slots. In this way, they save the opportunity to win for further bets, which will not go into credit. The casino can block you for such manipulation, considering it as cheating.

There are restrictions on the minimum and maximum rate. Institutions set these conditions independently. Putting more or less than the allowed amount, you will lose the bonus. Now you know the basic rules on how to win a bonus in the casino.

Real casino bonuses are a nice addition. Sometimes it turns out to be disadvantageous. Don’t forget to check the conditions of bonuses yourself.

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