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As we have already said, there is a wide availability of options for basketball on specialised websites, such as Rivalry Brasil. And the best of it is the great possibility of differentiated bets. Of course many players prefer to choose the winning team of the match, but there is an infinite number of options, such as the points difference between the clubs in the final score, the basket of the game, results for each quarter… For any of the types of bets, we recommend that you have knowledge of the sport and keep an eye on the statistics of each team.

Live betting

Yes, you can place bets while you’re watching the games through live betting. These are done in real time, during the course of the event. And as the platforms are compatible with smartphones, you can bet from anywhere, even from the gym!

Have you ever thought about winning money while cheering for your favourite team? Or changing your bet as the game progresses? All this is possible with live basketball betting.

Types of basketball bets

Basketball tips

It is quite easy to make a prediction and knowing how to choose the most suitable type for your profile is the key to success. The betting market brings varied modes of selection, such as total points, winner of the match, advantages and disadvantages (handicap), winner of the quarters and much more. We detail each of the most popular options below.

Bet on the winner

It is the linear betting market, quite common and simple for the player to understand the cost of the bet. Simply choose the winning team of the match. Imagine the scenario in the image above.

The smaller odds are linked to the favorite of the dispute, Rogaska. So, who bets $10 on the odd of 1.2 receives $12 in case of a hit. Therefore, the profit would be $2. If KK Lovcen wins, the total $10 is lost.

However, if the same $10 is bet on the underdog Lovcen (odds of 4), the return is $40, generating a profit of $30.


Basketball bets

The handicap is an extra resource for guessing on favourite teams. It serves as a handicap to balance out the favouritism and get a higher return.

The balance of the handicap, measured with a + or – symbol on a number determines the result of the match, with an extra element. This means that the handicap result is different from the official balance of the match.

  • Los Angeles Lakers: (+7,5) 2,050
  • Boston Celtics: (-7.5) 1.862

Should the Celtics win by 100 x 96, the handicap bettor loses. Afina, the handicap is -7.5 points, which must be subtracted from the score. Therefore, it would be 92.5 x 96 for the Lakers.

However, if the Celtics win 104 x 96, the adjusted handicap would be 96.5 x 96, i.e. victory for the Celtics on the bet.

Totals 1st and 2nd half

Consists of the sum of the points of the two teams at a given point in the match. The bookmaker sets a value and the players must define whether the points will be greater or less than the amount. For example, 75.5 points. Will the sum of the teams be higher or lower?

More or less points

The bettor must choose whether the points scored in the game will be lower or higher than a certain number, set by the platform. It works in a similar way to the 1st and 2nd half totals, with the difference that it consists of the total balance of the event.

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