Basketball betting tips

Basketball betting: learn more about the sport

Created in Massachusetts in 1891, the sport emerged as a sporting alternative to be played both in colder days and in summer. Professor James Naismith decided that the game should be played with the hands and that the target should be fixed. With the help of other PE teachers, he devised basketball and certainly achieved his goal. After all, games can take place both indoors and outdoors for recreational purposes.

The professional version only takes place in specific courts, which strictly obey certain requirements, such as the length of the court and the height of the basket.

Basketball rules

The sport is played between two teams and is divided into four quarters. Instead of goals, teams must score points, which depend on the distance the ball is thrown. As it is different from other sports, basketball bets have many variants.

We can think about who will score more points, who will be the winner of the third quarter, if the teams will score more than X number of points or not… To make an accurate guess, it is very important to know the rules. We will not mention them all in detail, but only highlight the most important ones:

The match has 40 minutes, divided in 4 times of 10 minutes. In the NBA, there are 12 minutes each quarter. If there is a tie, there is five minutes of overtime.

Each team has five players: two wingers (assists the playmaker and shoots), two pivots (defense and shooting) and a playmaker (sort of team captain). There are seven reserves.

The ball cannot remain stationary in the hands for more than two steps. Movements must be made by knocking the ball on the ground.

There are three referees per game

A basket made from the 3-point line (6.25m away from the basket) is worth exactly 3 points, a field goal is worth 2 points, and a free throw is worth only 1 point.

The champion of the match is the team with the most points at the end of the 4 halves.

The team has 24 seconds to throw the ball into the opponent’s basket.

Major Basketball Tournaments

Basketball betting

All major tournaments are among the basketball betting sites, so don’t worry, you have no excuse not to make your guess and win cash prizes while supporting your favourite team. And the best of all: bookmakers usually offer special promotions during the seasons.

NBA betting

It is the big league, which attracts a lot of viewers and therefore the clubs pay a lot of money to their professionals, the biggest stars of the sport. It includes the North American teams: 29 from the USA and 1 from Canada.

The first phase of the season takes place in October and runs until April of the following year. The teams play 82 matches against the other teams, so there can be 3 or 4 matches per double in the same division.

The knockout phase, called the Playoffs, begins in April and runs through May. It consists of groups of 8 teams, with disputes between the first place of the group and the last, second and second-to-last and so on.

The NBA Finals take place in June, consisting of a best-of-seven contest between the champion of the Western Conference and the winner of the Eastern Conference.

Some sites offer interesting promotions during the NBA season. Playbonds, for example, during the whole season of the main North American basketball league, offers 50% cashback on NBA bets.



It is the most important competition in Europe, therefore, a great option for basketball betting. Every year, the tournament takes place in the following way: group stage, top 16, quarter-finals and finals. It is an exciting championship, which is attended by big clubs like Barcelona, Olympiacos Piraeus, Real Madrid and CSKA Moscow.


The Endesa League is a reference for basketball lovers. It is the Spanish professional league, organised by the ACB, Association of Basketball Clubs. It is made up of 18 teams that play a regular phase among themselves.

Then, the 7 best teams (plus one additional club) play games that take place on a single weekend, in a parallel tournament: the Copa del Rey de Baloncesto. Then, after the Copa del Rey has been defined, the second phase of the ACB takes place, with the first eight placed teams competing in the Playoffs.


The Novo Basquete Brasil (New Basketball Brazil), our country’s league, is growing year after year and is becoming increasingly relevant on the international scene. With that, more and more markets are opening and the odds of NBB in the biggest bookmakers get more interesting.

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