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Biggest tennis tournaments you can bet on

Now that you know a little more about the sport, let’s talk about the most popular tournaments on the tennis betting sites. They are the ones that attract many players and usually have exclusive promotions and bonuses.

Davis Cup Betting

This is one of the most important events, because it is an international championship. Known as the biggest tennis team competition, it has a knockout system. The dispute has participants from several countries, being the biggest winners the USA and Australia.

At tennis bookmakers, members can make predictions on the final champion, round results and individual matches. The odds are usually excellent.

US Open Betting

US Open Betting

This is the US Open tournament and is one of the four Grand Slams. The fight for the title is usually very intense and the coverage of the sites is quite wide. The floor is synthetic.

Stay tuned! The championship takes place every year, in August and September, during only two weeks. There are five different events: men’s and women’s singles and doubles (mixed, women’s and men’s). Additional categories are for wheelchair users, juniors and seniors.

Wimbledon Betting

It is one of the most iconic championships, with its green grass pitch and white lines outlining the court. Wimbledon betting covers odds on men’s and women’s matches, the tournament winner, singles matches and a range of other options such as number of sets and the exact result.

Roland Garros Betting

Known as the French Open, the tournament pays homage to the French aviation pioneer, Roland Garros. It is also part of the Grand Slam of tennis and is played on a clay court, best of 5 sets in the men’s and best of 3 in the women’s.

It has a slower surface and as there is no tie-break in the last set, its matches can last for several hours. An example is the dispute between Clément and Santoro, in 2004, which lasted 6 hours and 22 minutes.

ATP Betting (Australian Open)

ATP Betting

The Australian Open takes place in Melbourne on acrylic courts. It is the first Grand Slam tournament, as it takes place at the end of January and opens the season. The reason is that the courts have a mobile roof, which retains the summer heat and serves as a cover on rainy days. So don’t expect to see athletes sliding around on the wet court, that’s not a feature of the ATP.

Other tennis markets

Tennis is not just about the Grand Slam and Davis Cup. On the betting sites, you can check out other championships, always with attractive odds. The tennis betting calendar features competitions throughout the year, such as the Brasil Open, which takes place in the Ibirapuera gymnasium, ITF tournaments, Challenger tournaments, ATP Masters 1000, ATP 250 and ATP 500. 


Tennis has many betting possibilities, some simpler others indicated for experienced players. The most common is the type of bet on the winner, whose name is self-explanatory. After getting to know the sport better, you can choose to guess the number of sets, add handicaps and change your strategy. 

And remember that various aspects need to be considered such as court type, tournament style, athlete or team playing style, local weather… These elements are not usually part of the odds, so counting on them gives you an advantage! 

What are you waiting for to sign up to one of these sites, receive a welcome bonus and start betting on tennis? Don’t waste time!

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