League of Legends betting

LoL betting tips on the modality

The main tip of all is: don’t go around making LoL bets that seem obvious without knowing the game. To bet in League of Legends, as in any other sport or e-sport, you need to know the game.

So, study the game. As it is free-to-play (free to play), download it and learn the principles and the gameplay. You don’t need to be a football star to be a good bettor in this modality.

The same thing goes for LoL

League of Legends

Besides minimally knowing what you are betting on, other valuable tips can help in making the right decisions.

  • Watch live broadcasts: By watching the games, you will see the dynamics and become familiar with the best strategies, the best teams, players and champions. It’s like watching volleyball matches, for example, to get to know the routine of a match or championship. I recommend LV BET to follow the matches and bet on them.
  • Read and watch “round tables” about LoL: Go beyond. Again the comparison with any sport is valid. Experts usually know and observe details that go unnoticed by us. This clinical look can teach you a lot and give you important clues.
  • Follow the news of the game: Behind the scenes. The crises, signings and sponsorships. Sometimes a game is decided before it even starts. For example, if the main player of a team is sick, or suspended. Always keep an eye on the news.

Where to watch LoL live

lol betting

The image above is from a live stream from 22Bet, fullscreen on desktop.

Not only do they stream not only the big teams, but many smaller tournaments and qualifiers, the delay in real time is up to 1 minute less than other streaming media.

In a sport that can have important bids decided in seconds, live betting can be hampered by this delay. Some sites require you to have a minimum account balance to place a bet. Others, however, are free.

  • 1xBet, 22Bet and Betwinner allow you to watch games without having an account balance.
  • Betfair and bet365 require a minimum balance.
  • GGBET, a betting site specialising in e-sports, broadcasts on Twitch.

Major LoL tournaments: World Cup betting

Obviously, the LoL World Cup is the main attraction of the sport. In 2019, the Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix was champion and took “home” $835,000.

The modality pays well, but it does not come close to the awards of its main competitor among MOBAS, Dota 2, which is the e-sport that pays the most in the world today.

And the bets on the world of LoL, e-sport most played on the planet, reach millionaire figures. According to a report in The Washington Post on April 6, 2008, betting on e-sports in 2020 could reach the figure of $13 billion.

With these astronomical figures, more and more betting sites will give e-sports the space it deserves. 

Thus, we will see more and more betting sites with League of Legends among the sports with open markets, and it won’t just be betting on the LoL World Cup.

Largest LoL tournaments

LoL World Championship: on the LoL World Championship, bets are offered by regular or illegal sites, and it’s always good to keep an eye out for losses. The biggest competition in the world attracts millions of spectators and bettors.

  • Rift Rivals: Considered as a second LoL world championship, it is organized by Riot Games.
  • League of Legends Championship Series (LCS): Largest LoL league in the United States, it’s a franchise played in the spring and summer of the Northern Hemisphere.
  • League of Legends European Championship (LEC): Another major global LoL franchise, it brings together the biggest teams from several European countries.
  • League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK): The mecca of LoL annually gathers the biggest Korean stars, in the dispute of the event considered the toughest in the world.
  • Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends (CBLoL): The biggest LoL league in the country is organized by Riot Games and has as its great champion, historically, the team INTZ e-sports, which won 4 of the 9 editions of the event.

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