Life in Mulmur….

This extreme weather thing has to stop soon, right? I mean, we had that crazy ice storm in the Spring. After three days of hibernating, we tried to leave and then the truck got stuck, then the jeep got stuck, but the jeep unstuck….well, now I’ve turned this into a Country song, but you get the picture. Then we had a crazy windstorm where I’m sure I’m not the only one who lost half their roof and a bunch of trees. And now we are battling this crazy heat wave (save for one day where it dropped to a freezing high of 22 deg c.) Funny, when we think that is a cool temp. Alas, no A/C here, but lots of fans. I’m happy to report we haven’t melted yet.

Through all these weather ups and downs I’ve noticed that, when needed, community comes together. It could be someone stopped to help pull someone out who had gotten stuck, or neighbours showing up to see if you are okay.  Whatever it may be, Mulmur is a great place to live. Going to the Terra Nova Pub and getting a friendly smile and a great meal, stopping in at Woodfield farms to see what goodies they have for us to take home, shopping for unique gifts at The Olde Stanton Store, and when it reopens, spending some time at the newly revamped Dufferin County Museum, or should I say the wonderfully re-imagined MOD! Did you know we have some pretty awesome Bed and Breakfasts too! And we have so much more than that, like bee keepers, maple syrup farms, plant nurseries and custom T-shirt makers. And there is so much more……..

Mulmur is a wonderful community to live in and we should all be so proud that we contribute to this. So smile and give a wave as you walk/run/bike/drive by your neighbour. Stop in for tea at your neighbour’s. Stop and chat with someone you know, even if just for a few minutes. Small gestures like these are what keeps communities thriving. After all, we are more than a community, we are family!