Welcome to Better In Mulmur!

If you’ve ever wanted to know what’s going on in Mulmur, this is the place for you! Information on what to see, what to do, where to go, activities , local businesses and the great outdoors all live here…and we’re about to have a great 2017 as we build this web site to be a hub for our community!

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Overlooking Kilgorie, photo © Carl Tafel

Overlooking Kilgorie, photo © Carl Tafel

How did Better In Mulmur come about?

We can thank Canada Post for putting us on the map…sort of.  With the change of our postal address to Mulmur, local residents and businesses started having to constantly field the question: “Where’s Mulmur?”  We’ve also had to endure numerous variations on spelling: Mulmar, Mulmer, Molmar…

No one knew where Mulmur was, but many people regularly pass through our beautiful Township, or have been to some of our recreational hotspots, such as the Rosemont General Stone, the Dufferin County Museum & Archives, the Mansfield Ski Club, Mrs. Mitchell’s, the Terra Nova Public House or the Honeywood Arena.  Surprisingly, even some Mulmur residents didn’t realize all these great places and more exist within our bounds.

How did we design the logo?

The colours of the logo mirror the elements that make up our Township Crest:  The gold represents the agricultural heritage of our Township, the green represents our rolling hills and rich natural heritage.  The blue represents our freshwater rivers and streams, and the pink heart represents the amazing people that make our Township what it is (not to mention some pretty amazing sunsets, too).  The Better in Mulmur Logo was designed by Mulmur artist Ken Hall.

We think you’ll agree that Mulmur is a pretty special place.  From our rich history to our exciting future, we’re proud to be part of this amazing community!